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Marat ve vaně (English translation)

  • Artist: Karel Kryl
  • Song: Marat ve vaně Album: Rakovina
  • Translations: English #1, #2, Russian
English translationEnglish

Marat in the bath

Versions: #1#2
Role of personae in history is practicly based on williness to die or be killed before it can anything change.
Gaze is turning away, Copernius dressed in sutana,
death (1) takes Marat in bath,
page is turning, Koniáš (2)claps,
Gogh lies in thistles, death can be ugly,
Gogh lies in thistles, death can be ugly,
death can be ugly.
R.: Kind dusk cover your face with face experssion of terror
hand which smoothen shoulders second ago, get stoned,
pencil is for nothing, as same as deam-book, Muses dies,
there's no shoothing and means death for angel.
Song has ended, prison become home,
before church door you'll see Wenceslaus (3)
he's holding doorknocker, grave digger rubs his hands,
throw away mirrors, it's not heartwarming,
throw away mirrors, it's not heartwarming,
it's not heartwarming.
Cromwell is almost done, Huss awaits executioner,
Death has beads, beads made of gold,
they build cross for Christus, Spartacus without a sword,
is turning red under all those wounds, look at that, man,
look at that, man, look at that, man!
They're trimming Joan, hand is tired,
Varlets are gurking, steel is case-hardening
Mr. Lincoln in theatre is looking at play,
Death is sitting in the trap, dressed in sateen,
Death is sitting in the trap, dressed in sateen,
dressed in sateen.
Yesenin is drung, he's preparing his noose,
Puhkin will be shooting, Tyl (4) is writting a fairytale,
you see Fra' Filippo Lippi, his spitting blood in to colour
Death chooses (5) Gerard Phillip
Death chooses Gerard Phillip
Death chooses
(JFK inside car curses imp,
on hearse you'll see Palach (6)
hmmm ... )
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Submitted by MentiriMentiri on Sun, 03/01/2016 - 20:48
Author's comments:

(1) personification of death it would be Grim Reaper, but in Czech is not such a name for Death.
(2) Czech jesuit, which is known for burning books with "heretic" contents
(3) Wenceslaus I., Duke of Bohemia died right before church doors.
(4) Josef Kajetán Tyl Czech dramatist, he wrote Czech athem: "Kde domov můj?"
(5) in original lyrics theres like: Death coloured... So i gave there this, souds better.
(6) Jan Palach student of philosophy, which burned him self as protestation to communist occupation of czechoslovakia in 1969.

I tried my best... And I think I failed Teeth smile I hope somebody will correct these lyric Teeth smile It's really hard to translate this!!!

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Marat ve vaně

Translations of "Marat ve vaně"
English Mentiri
cmalikcmalik    Mon, 12/04/2021 - 17:21

Doesn't sound fluent in English, very clunky in general, some poor word choice

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