Marcia nuziale (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
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The Wedding March

Weddings for love, weddings by force
All types of weddings, with all sorts of people
those dressed in rags and those in their finery
supposed notaries and fake professors
but even if I live until the end of time
I'll forever cherish the happy memory
of the modest wedding of my mother and father
having decided to make their love official at the altar
On an ox cart, to be frank,
pulled by friends and pushed by relatives,
they went to get married after an engagement
Lasting so long it could be called 'silver'.
An unusual ceremony, an odd sort of party,
the crowd looked at us wide-eyed
watched by all the civilized people
who'd never seen a marriage of the kind
The wind blew and carried away
the hat my father was mangling in his hand.
An unlucky sky opened up to a deluge of rain,
determined at all costs to stop the wedding.
I'll never forget the bride in tears,
cradling a bunch of wildflowers like a baby.
and I, nervously consoling her,
playing my harmonica like a church organ.
Throwing bare fists in the air all their friends
cried out "by Jove, the wedding will go on!"
for the sodden guests, for the mischievous Gods
the wedding will go on - long live the bride and groom!
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Marcia nuziale

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