Maria Chatziilia - False Pretenses


False Pretenses

People are so fake it makes me sick
And I thought I was being a prick.
Everyone’s so happy when it’s all good,
Then you leave, they spit where you stood.
They’re selfish, arrogant and vain,
And always forget to use their brain.
Happy faces and lots of wide smiles,
Fancy clothes and crazy hairstyles,
Anything to keep up with the trends,
Oh I forgot, you have no real friends.
Who are you going to impress now,
I’m sure you’ll find a way somehow,
‘Cause it’s much easier to pretend
Than ruin your precious weekend.
Well, I'm inviting you to my birthday
You'll love it, so what do you say?
All my family members will be there.
Frankly, half of them don’t even care.
Haven’t seen them in five years,
Back when I last cried real tears.
Yeah it was really that long ago.
I don’t ever miss them though,
People are so fake it makes me sick
And I thought I was being a prick.
Why am I ranting, who cares,
Everyone’s busy with affairs.
Or immersed in their phone,
Afraid to be on their own.
They hide their emotions like dirt,
Terrified of pain and getting hurt
So no one is actually for real
They don’t see the appeal.
This is what actually makes me mad,
Can’t blame them, they’re just like my dad:
He only has time and love for himself,
If you expected more, go fuck yourself.
'So happy to see you, old friend!'
I wonder when this fiasco will end..
'This is a wonderful party, great music, cheers!'
Yeah love you too, see you again in five years.
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