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Taken away from me lyrics

  • Artist: Maria Chatziilia (Μαρία Χατζηηλία)

Taken away from me

I remember when you were mine
and my world wasn't on fire
When I thought everything
Was going to be alright
because you were by my side
With you, I forgot the madness of the world
you made my life worthwhile
You would always come rescue me
''I'm going to get you out of here''
I need your loving hands again
Can't you see I'm drowning?
Please, tell me it wasn't all a lie
That you did believe, even for a second
We could eventually make it
I was too blinded by the turmoil in my heart
To see that all you wanted was to be seen
You don't have to be on your own
Let me make it right, say it's not too late
I can break down your walls
Words could never express my love for you
And my actions had you in doubts
I knew I was difficult to love
But I took the risk and let you in
Laid my heart on the table
There was nothing in the world
I ever wanted more than to love you
The way you needed, the way you deserved
I wish you would have let me
You convinced me I was the only light
In your life, that I was your whole world
You said I was your home
That no matter the distance
You felt closer to me than anyone else
Now all I have is memories of us
Of a life taken away from me
I never thought I'd have to imagine
living without you, let alone experience it
It breaks my heart that my love wasn't enough
I gave it everything I had and even more
I wish you'd see yourself through my eyes
Maybe then you wouldn't feel so lost
I want to feel your embrance once more
And to feel so lucky to have you
But more than anything, I want you to be happy
And it's time to accept it can't be with me
Wherever you go, whatever you do
It can't stop me from loving you
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