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What Does It Take lyrics

  • Artist: Maria Ilieva (Мария Илиева)
  • Album: Идвам към теб

What Does It Take

What does it take
When you say that you love me
How can this be
When it feels like I've got shackles on my feet, baby?
What does it take, bae
How many people you gotta shake
Before you see it ain't me
Shhh, wait a minute, let me talk to ya
Every day, chillin' with your friends
My turn, control kicks in
That's when, found who you were
Should've known
Looking back on my life back then
And how we used to be
All the memories, so sweet, ain't a shame
You don't know me
But you call me, from your homie's
Wanna touch me, wanna kiss me
Wanna love me, say you miss me
But you only wanna control me
What does it take to compromise?
What does it take for you to see through my eyes?
What does it take to break the chain
for you to see things my way?
What does it take for you to choose
to play by my rules?
Through the snow, through the storm and through the rain
Through my pain, yeah
Now that tables have turned
Ain't it funny how
you're running out of all the tricks
to hold me
I had to make a change
To realize
that things just ain't the same
But I'm not one to blame
See I don't wanna come
Back home at night
No more
Don't wanna be alone
I told you
So we've been down this road before
So you really don't wanna be alone this long
What does it take, baby, tell me
Chorus: (x2)
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