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Maria Maria

Open yourself window!
Let me look at Maria,
'cause I'm in the middle of the road
yearning to see her.
I can't find a moment of peace!
The night becomes day,
I'm always here waiting,
hoping she'd talk to me.
Oh Maria, oh Maria,
how much sleep have I lost for you!
Let me sleep
a bit in your arms.
Oh Mary, oh Mary,
how much sleep have I lost for you!
Let me sleep
Oh Mary, oh Mary!
Amid this shrubbery,
smiles the hollyhock.
A bed of rose petals
I made for you.
Come 'cause the night is sweet,
the sky's a cloak.
You'll sleep and I'll be singing
a lullaby by your side.
It looks that it's opening already
a crack in the dear window.
Maria with her dear hand,
is making me a sign.
Play guitar of mine,
Maria woke up.
Let's do a beautiful serenade
for her to listen.
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Maria Mari'

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