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89 Clouds lyrics

  • Artist: Mark Strand
  • Album: 89 Clouds
  • Translations: Spanish

89 Clouds

1. A cloud is never a mirror
2. Words about clouds are clouds themselves
3. If snow falls inside a cloud, only the cloud knows
4. For every cloud there is another cloud
5. A cloud dreams only of triangles
6. A cloud is a season of white
7. The dazzle of clouds is a falsehood
8. The bones of clouds have been removed
9. The museum of clouds shows only Snow White
10. Clouds are soft fruit
11. The flowing of clouds is like afternoon after afternoon
12. If a parrot is lost in a cloud, it turns into a rainbow
13. Clouds are in love with horizons
14. One speaks into a cloud as on would a telephone
15. A sky without clouds is bald and blue
16. Clouds of the sea smell of the sea
17. Black clouds are noble and troubled
18. The cloud that was gone would never come back
19. The sorrow of clouds is beyond our imagination
20. Clouds are thoughts without words
21. Clouds are slaves of the wind
22. A cloud without shape is always open
23. Clouds are drawn by invisible birds
24. If clouds had arms, they would embrace
25. A cloud without you is only a clod
26. A cloud in Nevada is nothing in Utah
27. A horse is a cloud with eyes and a tail
28. Clouds at sunset put on their dresses and go out for the night
29. When a cloud smells of tuberoses it starts to die
30. The depth of a cloud depends on who's listening
31. A wild cloud should never been ridden
32. A dirty cloud is a dirty joke
33. An excess of cloud leads to despair
34. A cloud in disguise is more of the same
35. Every lake desires a cloud
36. Clouds in closets become clothes
37. The sane see themselves in one cloud, the mad in many
38. Three round clouds went back and forth
39. A necklace of cloud is a precious gift
40. An anklet of clouds is in bad taste
41. When a cloud forgets, distance grows
42. Clouds vanish before they are named
43. A cloud will follow whatever is moving, even a mouse
44. A cloud with furs tries to keep warm
45. A cloud with a head in it isn't a cloud
46. When a cloud barks, the dogs come running
47. We keep our vigils that clouds may live
48. One listens to the sound of clouds as to a distan whisper
49. A cloud is a false heaviness
50. When a cloud touches a cow nothing happens
51. A cloud with grass growing on it is a wrong cloud
52. A cloud is a cathedral without belief
53. The tedium of clouds is endless
54. A cloud is mansion without corners
55. A cloud lit from within is somebody’s study
56. Sinuous clouds float above Singapore
57. A humble cloud will never rumble
58. The intelligence of cloud cannot be overstated
59. November is National Cloud month
60. The Prince of Cloud will reign for years
61. The cloud carousel is a sight to behold
62. "Stand back, ye clouds!" it's a brave line
63. Windows in the cloud chateau always need cleaning
64. A trivial cloud sits on a column
65. It is not like a cloud to be in two places at once
66. Clouds cannot stand in the way
67. Clouds cannot see what we do under the umbrella
68. You can ban clouds, but so what
69. There are the volumetric days of cloud parades
70. You are so handsome you must be a cloud
71. It's a peanut, no, it's a cloud
72. Hola, thou pampered clouds of Asia
73. Super clouds speed across the sky
74. When a cloud hums, the willow weeps
75. Tell me, old heart, who is the reddest cloud of all
76. A cloud that left a million years ago is back
77. A vertical cloud calls for champagne
78. Call me back, my cloud, my love
79. The kingdom of cloud disappeared overnight
80. A poet looks at a cloud the way a man looks at a shrub
81. I love the cloud in you, she said, looking at my shirt
82. She was made of ice and I of cloud
83. Ohio is mine, she said, it doesn't need clouds
84. Golden memories, golden clouds, golden loss
85. Squeeze an orange and get juice, squeeze a cloud and get nothing
86. The blond secretaries of the Royal Cloud lounge at the pool
87. Here comes the cloud again, all foam and glare
88. Slender shafts of sunlight shoot through the cloud
89. Feats of the inhuman: cloud love
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