Hombres G - Marta tiene un marcapasos (English translation)

English translation

Marta has a pacemaker

Marta has a pacemaker,
That cheers her heart up.
She doesn't have to wind it up,
It's authomatic.
You can hear its kicks,
I think its alive.
Marta has a passenger
In her heart, in her heart.
I feel a hit in my chest
I only wanted to kiss you,
The pacemaker came out
Among guts and blood.
Look at its pretty eyes,
It looks like its father,
It looks like its father.
It plays with the children
It pulls out their hearts,
It eats them with tomato
How amusing.
There's no more pretty thing
But the little paceemaker,
Marta is now like a crazy
Of asylum, of asylum.
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Marta tiene un marcapasos