Sherine Abdel-Wahab - Mashrebtesh Min Nilha | ماشربتش من نيلها (English translation)


Mashrebtesh Min Nilha | ماشربتش من نيلها

بلدنا امانه فى ايدينا
نعليها ما دام عايشيين
نعيش فيها
سنين وسنين واحنا مطمنين
ماشربتش من نيلها؟
طب جربت تغنيلها؟
جربت فى عز ما تحزن تمشي فى شوارعها وتشكيلها؟
ما مشيتش فى ضواحيها؟
طيب ما كبرتش فيها؟
ولا ليك صورة عا الرملة كانت عل الشط فى موانيها؟
دور جواك تلقاها هى الصحبه وهى الاهل
عشرة بلدى بتبقي نسيانها عالبال مش سهل
يمكن ناسي لانك فيها
مش وحشاك ولا غبت عليها
بس اللى مجرب وفارقها قال فى الدنيا ما فيش بعديها
ان غبت بحنلها
وانسي الدنيا واجيلها
وان جيت انسي تفكرنى بمليون ذكرى القلب شايلها
غاليه بلدنا علينا
وهتفضل فى عنينا
ومدام بنحب بلدنا تبقي هتتغير بايدينا
احنا اللى نعليها
بايدينا نخليها
أجمل لينا ولولادنا مهما العمر يعدى علينا
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English translation

Haven't you ever drunk from the Nile?

Versions: #1#2
Our motherland is a gift in our hands
We should raise her1 up high as long as we are alive
We are meant to be living in these lands2 for years and years
in peace....
Haven't you ever drunk from the Nile3?
Have you ever tried to sing for her?
Have you ever tried in the peak of your sorrow to wander in her streets and tell her what's wrong with you?
Haven't you wandered in her suburbans?
Haven't you grown up there?
Didn't you have a draw on sand in one of her shores?
Look up inside you and you will find out that she is your friends, your folks
Such relations in my motherland are not easy to be forgotten
Maybe you can't notice that4 'cause you live in her5
'cause neither did you left her, nor were you in a need to long for her6
But those who experienced that and traveled away from her know that she is irreplaceable
When I leave her I long for her,
then I leave everything and come back to her.
And when I'm about to forget she reminds me with a million memories saved in my heart
Our motherland is precious
It will be kept in our eyes7
Our motherland is going to change for better with our hands as long as we love her
We are those to raise her,
to make her, with our hands,
more beautiful for us and for our children with every passing year8
  • 1. She talks about Egypt/ motherland in feminine form (check translator's comment)
  • 2. literally: in her
  • 3. Literally: from her Nile? (check translator's comment)
  • 4. Literally: maybe you forget that
  • 5. in your motherland
  • 6. not literally translated
  • 7. To keep something in eye: to take a good care of it and to protect it like you protect your eyes
  • 8. App. translated
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Author's comments:

There is an Egyptian belief that "who drinks from the Nile must come back to it again."
This song is about longing for motherland "Egypt". Thus, it sounds different for Egyptians who live outside Egypt (I know some of them who cry every time they hear it). The poet chose.I believe, this title to build his song on that Egyptian belief to give these people a hope that oneday they will come back to Egypt as they have already DRUNK from Nile.
This song is one of my favorite songs that are sung lately about Egypt. I consider it the best song of Sherin's.
I tended to use a feminine pronoun referring to motherland, as in Arabic, to show the intimacy that Sherin is shows toward her motherland as if she was toward her MOTHER.

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