مصر هي أمي (Masr Heya Omy) (English translation)


مصر هي أمي

مصر هى امى
نيلها هو دمى
شمسها فى سمارى
شكلها فى ملامحى
حتى لونى قمحى
لون خيرك يا مصر
مصر ... مصر
ماتلاقيش مثالها
ست كل عصر
ضله جنب نيلها
تسوى الف قصر
ولا ورده بلدى
فيها عطر مصر
ولا جو مصر
ولا سحر مصر
مصر ... مصر
فاتك نص عمرك
ياللى ماشفت مصر
السماحه روحها
والشهامه مصر
والكرامه هى
والخلود فى مصر
والتاريخ فى مصر
والهرم فى مصر
والكرم فى مصر
مصر... مصر
يا ارض المحبه
يا غاليه يا مصر
روحنا ونور عيونا
لحياتك يا مصر
لولا كان
ميلادى فى ارضك يا مصر
لا اتمنيت يا بلدى
تبقى امى مصر
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Egypt is My Mother

Egypt is my mother
Her Nile is my blood
Her sun shows in my tanned skin
Her looks show in my features
And even my skin tone is that of wheat1
The color of your blessings, Egypt
Egypt, Egypt
You wouldn't find anything like her
A lady of every age
A shade by the side of her Nile
is worth a thousand palace
And also a wild rose
with the fragrance of of Egypt [is worth a thousand palace]
And also Egypt's weather
And Egypt's magic
Egypt.. Egypt
Oh you are missing half the worth of your life
You who haven't seen Egypt yet
Friendliness is her spirit
And chivalry is Egypt
And Dignity is Egypt
And the eternity lies within Egypt
And the history is in Egypt
The pyramids are in Egypt
And generosity lies in Egypt
Egypt.. Egypt
You are the land of love
Oh you are so precious, Egypt
We'd give our souls and the light of our eyes
for you to live on Egypt
If it wasn't the case
That I was born on your land, Egypt
I would've wished, oh my country,
For my mother to be Egypt
  • 1. As in tanned skin.
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