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مست (Mast) (English translation)



emshab mikham mast besham
asheghe yekdast besham
bedoone to nist boodam
emshab mikham hast besham
ye joone naghabeli hast
bezar fadaye to beshe
beyofte zire ghadamat
ke khake paye to beshe
kohne sharab
emshab bal o param bede
harfe nagoofte kheyliye
jorate bishtaram bede
emshab mikham harf bezanam
khande konam, gerye konam
lotfi kon ey saghi
o may chandeen barabaram bede
emshab par o bal daram
shor daram hal daram
emshab to in sine deli khosha bar ahval daram
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Tonight I want to get drunk
To become a pure lover
Without you I was nothing
Tonight I want to exist
Here is an insignificant life
Let it be martyred for you
Let it fall under your steps
So that it becomes the dust under your foot
Old Wine
Tonight give me wings and feathers
There are a lot of untold words
Give me more courage
Tonight I want to speak
I want to laugh and cry
Please do me a favor wine server
and give me several times the usual
Tonight I have feathers and wings
I have delight and good mood
Tonight in this chest I have a heart full of joy
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This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
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I have also done a cover of this song with guitar in Dm. Here is the link to that:

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