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I still remember when we were jumping into puddles,
and you let out the biggest yawn I'd ever seen.
I wish you'd summon a terrible storm now,
One so powerful it even blows away the sky.
I've been waiting for the wind 'cause...
My life without yo-o-u (wa-a-a) felt way too boring and empty for me.
I've been looking at the blue sky,
waiting for your storm to come by...
If your gale blows right overhead,
Even our words will be blasted away,
If we're swallowed whole in your maelstrom of leaves,
We'll both be struggling for words 'til the end.
Do do do do... do do dou do...
So you weren't joking when you said you could summon the wind?
As I asked, my eyes were wide open in surprise.
You said without batting an eyelid,
"I can make it do whatever I want it to."
I've been waiting for the wind 'cause...
The society we live in was way too cramped and suffocating for me.
"So just summon a terrible rain,
enough to blow my boredom away."
If your gale blows right overhead,
Everything will be blasted away,
If we remain as we are in this slicing wind,
Together, we'll be forgotten before long.
Blast away the unripe walnuts in the trees,
Blow away the sour pears hanging among the leaves,
Make it even larger, a large violent storm,
Enough to blow away this dreary town.
Oh, just blow, my beautiful storm.
No matter what it is, just blast it away.
All of my sadness, dreams and everything else, take it far away, Matasaburo.
Together, we walk this long road,
with only the wind behind us as our words,
While we're swallowed whole in your maelstrom of leaves,
We'll both be silent together 'til the end.
Do do do do... do do dou do...
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Submitted by AsuraPLAsuraPL on Sat, 19/06/2021 - 19:11
Author's comments:

Hi all! Asura here, translating Matasaburo.

I took A LOT of personal interpretation into this, because I really wanted to make it singable in English. I think that really really accurate translations are important, but I feel that having a translation that is able to express the general meaning of the song poetically while making it sound good sonically is important as well.

I've tried to match the original structure of each phrase rhythmically, and obviously as Japanese is an extremely compact language in terms of syllables, I had to add meaning to pad it out.

I'm quite happy with the result. I did try singing it, and it doesn't feel TOO awkward to try. I might post it somewhere once I get better, but if anyone has any questions about how each line "fits" into the song I don't mind helping you. Just post a comment or send a DM, new to the site so I don't know exactly what the meta is.

This is one of my first forays into lyricwriting - translation is something I have done for a while, but this whole "making a song" thing is relatively new to me, so it will probably have issues in some places. Feel free to send me a message if you think something would sound better amended.

Thanks; and remember, "fukeyo, aoarashi!"

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又三郎 (Matasaburou)

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