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Fuck you, motherfuckers!

We count years since the Dayton Agreement,
people are afraid of people and everybody votes for their own
Hillbillies are becoming citizens,
they were turning of lights with axes till yesterday, now they're wearing suits
Mirnes, get them, Mirnes, fuck them up,
if you start selling yourself, I'm gonna fuck you up too
You know, it's not about the ideology, it's about the biology,
it's about the genetics of Moslems, Ustashi and Chetniks!
Every sheep follows its drove. Cows and calves look at colorful door together, they fuck each other
I know who started the war, I know what's hunger!
I know when Seselj's troops came to my town!
We are talking about present, we are moving faintly,
we are full of holes just like our roads
We often use the manual, you can see every pearl
We would like to go forward, but we like our reverse
We got used to non-working of any factory
We pass over malversations so we can't get mad,
we got used to war and peace
Youth is escaping from the country, refugees aren't coming back
They don't have to, they should send us money,
we'll live in the dark and fuck each other up...
The whole country is paying the racket
guns in the houses - you can hear the rattle of the war
we have as many mines as strawberries, our arable lands are full
but the ones who sown them won't pick them!
We don't give a fuck, we have more resources,
especially metal, turd and methane,
that's our air and food, leaders feed us with that
I don't know about you, but I'm sick of it, I can't take it anymore
Everybody in this country is a sucker, everybody's closing his ears
I keep my mouth shut in front of the unfamiliar
Is it hi, hey, or hello? Which one is the right one?
I don't know what to say and not get into shit
Dog has bitten the bug, they are playing the war trumpet
people who view things differently are their targets
For correcting their view they'll send them one unit
who will watch their burning house through binoculars
But there is no war unfidelity which can destroy the basis,
the root of the house which keeps our souls,
the wedding ring and the chain which a Bosnian threw in the basis
when he builds a house, he puts a part of himself in it
You can break it, but you can't break the basis!
The basis is going to stay as eternal as the Sava river...
Fuck you, motherfuckeeeeeeeeers!
Fuck you, motherfuckeeeeeeeeers!
Fuck you, motherfuckeeeeeeeeers!
Fuck you, motherfuckeeeeeeeeers!
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Mater Vam Jebem

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zhabbazhabba    Wed, 31/08/2011 - 12:36

Slobodno dajte savjete da popravim tekst.

KarlaWithaKKarlaWithaK    Sun, 01/08/2021 - 05:15

I think that it would be better to say "foundation" instead of "basis" in the last paragraph.

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