Los Panchos - Caminante del Mayab (English translation)

English translation

Mayan traveler*

Traveler, traveler
who goes through the paths1,
through the old paths
of Mayab2.
In the afternoon you'll see
the wings of Xtacay3 shine,
in the night you'll see
the eyes of the firefly.
Traveler, traveler
you'll hear the sad song
of the blue dove
and the quivering cry
of the Pauraque4.
Traveler, traveler
tell me if you've seen it
appear before you,
like a white cloud
that came and went,
and if you heard a song
with the voice of a woman.
Traveler, traveler
I too, saw on my path
a white cloud,
I too, heard the song
woe is me.
Traveler, traveler...
  • 1. or 'traveling through the paths'
  • 2. 'Mayab' is the old name of the state Yucatán in Mexico.
  • 3. Tropical kingbird (Tyrannus melancholicus).
  • 4. also known as 'Tapacamino'.
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*= or The Yucatecan traveler
The music is originally by Guty Cárdenas (who can also be found here on LT.) and the lyrics were written by Antonio Mediz Bolio. Feel free to leave suggestions or corrections in the comments.


Caminante del Mayab

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