Með drekum (English translation)

English translation

With Dragons

High on the wings of a wight,
armies follow a creature.
Watching over the sea,
disposing of enemies.
Crawling over Skrúður,
melting barbarians.1
Evil beings search for us.
The country is in trouble.
People fight on the beach,
having travelled to contact Þórunn.2
Her bow cannot miss,
they shout at the madwoman.
They hurt evil with fire,
over everything that lives.
Heroes may be distressed and hated,
fleeing from the dragon.
Travelling about, a huge terror.
At a distance stood Bragi and Þór.
Hard will meet hard.
The fire blew about so [harshly].
It burned everything at Sandvík.
Raised it to the ground.
Raised it to the ground.
Auðna struggled with this ordeal,
Þórunn with her sword and shield.
The night changed for the better,
she bloodied the goblin masses.
She missed both the spring and friends,
this was a blood-red summer night.
Right in the moon- and sunshine
the guard warrants poems.
Glittering black blood,
a fiery glow.
The girl stood,
motionless and silent.
They came on ships, they came from the air,
in stormy weather and seas.
Thousands together with thundering cries,
and the smell which struck our senses.
Unarmed for the most part, wolves and creatures,
which wanted with jaw and paw
to tear you apart and then attack the next one
with bloodshot and empty eyes.
Their fire blew onto our boats,
we fought back with fury.
The works of men who will tread slippery ground
could not be allowed at all.
A costly victory, but dragons and men showed
power which earned them
the right to roam around Iceland
and find their home again.
  • 1. In looking at a draft I had saved of this verse, I found this alternative translation for these two lines: Barbarians are crawling over Skrúður in smoke.
  • 2. The name of the protagonist of this album's story, her surname is Auðna, mentioned later in the song.
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Með drekum

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