Með griðungum (English translation)

English translation

With Bulls

This is the greatest battle of all,
they stand from the sea to the mountains.
Together we chose our battle cries,
everyone divided, we fall as one.
She ends the war, completes the cycle,
a little bird sings with sorrow.
The time has come to lay down the staff,
a quadruped stands guard.
A bird in the north.
A dragon in the east.
A giant in the south.
A bull in the west.1
The fourth time and finally exhausted,
the final battle moves from heath to the bay.
They raise deadly spears against each other,
both armies, it was a great2 sacrifice.
They advanced on the sea and on the mountains,
they came from the skies and from all directions.
The country and the nation's honour were at stake,
amassing around us were good wights.
A bull swims in the ocean,
he calls to mind some hideous images.
Claws rip and teeth tear,
lives are lost when the flesh burns.
He comes into use while days pass by,
a dragon, a bird, and a giant wait.
Waves pound against Látrabjarg,3
sword damaged and shield broken.
Þórunn fought until her strength disappeared,
there her work is now complete.
Steadfast wights support her from behind,
this is why you may now tread on free land.
I pray that you carry [her] images in your heart,
she saved us and erased our sins.
Don't forget them or what they did, for the woman
is lost, and nowhere to be found in verse.
A bull and an old woman
guard our shores, lives and hopes.
The bow string bites her finger,
the blood streams, the arrow pierces.
Þórunn battled one last time,
a victory buried in the minds of a nation.
Her call to arms4 hardens our beliefs.
The circle will now be completed.
The countryside falls silent, the sword lies unsheathed.
Sleep has been waiting a long time for you.
Frozen waterfalls and scenes of magic, a cold wind blows.
The darkness dances, the moon shines on you.
Wights cry, as winter draws in.
The breeze cools as they mourn.
Everything freezes and the mountain turns to a dazzling white.
Shadows form, the moon shines on you.
Þórunn Auðna, the gratitude is that of
anyone who is alive - the sorrow cuts.
A chill from Hel in the twilight as you live your final hour.
As you die, the moon shines on you.
  • 1. References to the previous chapters of the album, and the mythical spirits which fight alongside Þórunn.
  • 2. Literally "expensive".
  • 3. The westernmost point in Iceland, now an important breeding location for many seabirds, once the battleground of Þórunn and her friends, the vættir, or wights.
  • 4. Literally 'the conscription', but this felt both more accurate and more poetic.
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Með griðungum

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