Með Jötnum (English translation)

English translation

With Jötnar

A giant, if riled up, instinctively
saves us from destruction.
Tears holes in hides and clothing,
whale blubber and meat.
Icefalls roar and crawl in the dark,
An earthquake travels down the cape.
They came crawling out of the depths.
Hairy monsters from the sea.
Crushing rocks and boulders and hillocks,
the best at everything there is.
There is nobody left on the beach.
The blood has dried on our hands.
Be watchful of us
A happy girl dances.2
In the tumult, a friend awakens from hibernation and rushes
into enemy fire. He has a woman on his shoulders,
here the bow wins against the sword.
He pushes his his staff into the earth with immense strength,
animals flee as he does so.
The giant broke out from stone,
a berserker who now rests nowhere.
The ground shakes.
The ground shakes where he slams
his staff made of slabs of lava.
He stands guard.
He stands guard when danger threatens.
He stands and falls with us.
Leaves fall.
The leaves will yet fall.
Corpses freeze together in the dust.
The dim light.
The light is dim when the battle ends.
There wait the two who have hidden.
The sea breaks.
There, the sea breaks on rocks,
the boats could not withstand it anywhere.
Peat disappears.
Peat disappears, only leaving thrashed white rocks.
May this ancient one rest on.
The breeze gets colder.
The breeze gets colder and bites.
The giant won't release [somebody's] throats.
Claws loosen3.
Claws loosen off when life ebbs away.
And Loki then gets the enemy.
Keep ties.
They keep the ties we made,
We honour the ties when we used them.
Giant's hand.
A giant, there to help where iron bars were raised,
He came to land in stony soil.
Children sleep
Children finally sleep when
The sun sinks below distant slopes.
The farm's pond takes on
a jet black shadow when the mountain giant drinks from it.
A giant's iron hand, with a staff
A glacier trembles, the coast foams.
The chains never hold anyone.
Giant's hand, giant's hand.
A giant's iron hand, with a staff
The Earth is opened, countries sink.
An iceberg on the horizon.5
Giant's hand giant's hand.
  • 1. A large national park in southeastern Iceland, presumably the location of the battle in this song.
  • 2. Here I imagine that Þórunn Auðna, the protagonist of this album, is dancing after her victory alongside the giants in the battle.
  • 3. (...their hold on something/someone)
  • 4. The central square of Asgard, where the Norse gods live.
  • 5. Looking forward to the next pair of songs, which take place in winter.
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Corrections welcome - some very strange and difficult lines in this one!


Með Jötnum

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