Facundo Cabral - Me gusta la gente simple (English translation)

English translation

I Like Humble People

I like humble people
even though I'm complicated,
people from a poor house
and a millionaire heart.
Who still sweat,
who bust their hands,
who gamble on life for the bread of their brothers.
I like humble people
who call wine, wine
who call bread, bread
and an enemy an enemy.
That give their all and have no intermediaries,
That share with me a respect for miracles.
I like humble people,
who get up early
because they must clean the street,
paint the front of the market
take the fruit off the truck,
distribute telegrams,
serve coffee, soup, fish,
bag the potatoes,
cut a tree precisely to make a guitar
with which a singer will walk through the land
telling the humble people
that without them there is nothing,
not even the milonga1
that declares I'm in the world.
I like humble people
who make the chair and table,
my mother's shoes,
Theresa's dress.
Who laugh easily,
who cry easily,
who innocently trust
that one day things will change.
I like humble people
even though I'm complicated.
  • 1. A lively dance related to the tango
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Me gusta la gente simple

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