Berry Sakharof - Mefane Makom (מפנה מקום) (Transliteration)


Mefane makom

ani mefeneh makom bapeh lanschikot schelach
lefaneh makom mesaviv laschtikot schelach
mefaneh makom balev lalechitzot schelach
mefaneh makom babeten scheuchal livloah otach
ani mefaneh makom bateivah lamichtavim schelach
mefaneh makom barosch laschedim schelach
mefaneh makom balechi lastirot schelach
kol kach harbe makom veat beschelach
at beschelach ... at beschelach
kol kach harbeh makom
at jecholah lehischa-er lischon
ve im tihi legamrei scheli
lo ischa-er makom bischvili
ani mefaneh makom baaron lavgadim schelach
mefaneh makom ba album la tmunot schelach
mefaneh makom mul ha-or latzlalit schelach
mefaneh makom bachoschech laneschimot schelach
ani mefaneh makom al hakar lasaarot schelach
mefaneh makom bapinah lakafkafim schelach
mefaneh makom scheelav uchal livroach itach
kol kach harbe makom veat beschelach
The heaven for height, and the earth for depth, and the heart of kings is unsearchable. (Prov 25:3 KJV)
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TL from my private collection, around 8 yrs old


Mefane Makom (מפנה מקום)

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