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Get Ready For The River City Girls lyrics

  • Artist: Megan McDuffee Featuring artist: RichaadEB
  • Album: River City Girls Zero Soundtrack EP (2022)

Get Ready For The River City Girls

What's this, a brand new game?
Well sorta, yes and no
It's our very first adventure together
But one of our deadliest though
Someone's out for Riki and Kunio
Now they're behind bars
Until they break out, hella pissed,
handing out bruises and scars
Time to help our guys
Fight back against the world
Yakuza and gangs
Against the River City Girls
We fight on motorcycles
Things get kinda wild
And kick some butt in a fancy club
But we do it all with style
We beat up thugs in a theme park
Riding on ferris wheels
We rumble inside a crumbling school
Things get pretty cray-cray (for reals)
It's a deadly game
I'm so scared, I might hurl
But we can't be stopped
Cause we're the River City Girls
You're in trouble now
Can't bribe us with gems or pearls
So get yourself ready
For the River City Girls
Submitted by CyberDreamerCyberDreamer on 2022-09-30
Submitter's comments:

Soundtrack of a video game called "River City Girls Zero!" (Released 2022)
In Japan the game series is known as "Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-kun" Original Japanese version relased in 1994.


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