To Mehrabooni (English translation)

  • Artist: Ali Zibaei (Takta) (علی زیبایی - تکتا)
  • Song: To Mehrabooni
  • Translations: English
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you are Kind !

There is a great feeling that sits in your eyes,
It makes me attached to your love,
If you stay with you there is nothing else I need,
Without you this world is a blind alley,
All the things I didn't do (yet),
All my weekdays,
I want to be the one who stays with you,
For all the memories,
For all the moments,
I want to be a reason for you,
You are kind,
You are the love of my life,
Say that you will stay forever,
I'll sacrifice everything for you,
I'm the one who is with you,
With you my memories are sweeter,
Now that I know you so well,
You know that with you I'm full of feelings,
If our hands are to stay away,
Then all my fear is with you,
Your look tells me that,
That I'm in love with you now,
I can't be separated from you,
To see you forever,
For you to reach me,
I have to be grateful to god,
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To Mehrabooni

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