• Reinhard Mey

    Mein Apfelbäumchen

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My little apple tree

I don't really know how to start
So many thoughts and my heart is more than full
So many emotions crumbel up at once
Joy and humility and gratefulness
In your mother's arm that holds you silently
You twinker up into the light of this world
Into your first morning and I'm thinking
This is my child, what a present
When all hopes dry out
I'll start all anew with you
And yes, I can achieve the unachieveable
You're the little apple tree I plant
Look around, now you're a part of the world
That is always questioning itself
Where men destroy their own habitat
Unrelentlessly overhear every warning
A place of contradictions, poor and rich
Full of bitter misery and abundance at the same time
A place of wars, a place full of jealousy
Where humans don't lack anything as much as humaneness
When all hopes dry out...
You're a light in unknowing times
An escape from escapelessness
Like a sign to go on my way
To continue enduring challenges
Where there are many doubts, and a lot to despair
A child makes you forget all your doubts
In a world that floats along without aim or reason
Children are the only hope remaining
When all hopes dry out...
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Mein Apfelbäumchen

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azucarinhoazucarinho    Sun, 29/12/2013 - 00:14

So many emotions crumbel up at once crumble
Joy and humility and gratefulness gratitude ?