Mein Gott, Walter (English translation)

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My God, Walter

Walter wasn't big, he was rather small,
however, he thought he was one of the biggest amongst the small.
His wife, Marie, looked pretty good for her age,
and if she said something, most of the time it was:
My God, Walter.
Walter loved his life, he was mostly carefree,
and when he did something, most of the time he did it wrong.
At breakfast, he tipped over the coffee pot,
luckily, the coffee was already cold.
Marie said once again:
My God, Walter.
Walter had no hurry, as he worked where he lived,
and when he didn't feel like working, he dropped it out.
It didn´t matter much, because he worked as caretaker,
when the other tenants saw him, they would only say:
My God, Walter.
Walter wanted to, and had the house refurbished as per his orders,
and when someone broke something, he had to pay for it.
Most of the time it was Walter paying, like it happened
yesterday with the fire extinguisher holder.
When he confessed to Marie, she said:
My God, Walter.
Then Walter noticed smoke on the corridor,
and immediately concluded, that it could only be a fire.
He yelled "Fire, Fire!", and pried the extinguisher from the wall...
of course, with the stand as well.
Everyone that saw him, said only:
My God, Walter.
But he just ignored such hijinks,
and ran with the extinguisher there into the corridor.
But it was only the dust kicked by the workmen he had hired himself, working with gypsum and chalk,
and as they saw him, they said:
My God, Walter.
But Walter doesn't care much about such small mishaps,
as broken
mugs, dishes or coffee pots.
He goes to the pub and when he comes home babbling
Marie just says:
MY God, Walter.
Yeah, life had demanded much from Walter,
and his bad luck followed him even into the grave.
For the coffin slipped from the hands of the bearers,
and cracked against the ground. The shocked pastor cried:
My God, Walter.
And here stands Walter, all alone at Heaven´s gate.
and he appears to be rather lonely.
St. Peter peeped through the keyhole,
and then she lost his footing,
to dear God he called from down under:
"That´s Walter there outside the door!"
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Mein Gott, Walter

Translations of "Mein Gott, Walter"
Hansi K_LauerHansi K_Lauer    Mon, 07/12/2015 - 18:56

>"Her wife, Marie, looked pretty good for her age," =
His wife, Marie, looked pretty good for her age,

>"luckily, there was only cold coffee on it," =
luckily, there was only cold coffee in it,

>"Walter hatte es nicht eilig, arbeitete eh' am selben Haus" =
Walter always took it easy, he worked at the same house

>"Und wenn er keine Lust hatte, fiel die Arbeit eben aus." =
and when he didn't feel like it, he cancelled out

>"Walter wollte und ließ das Haus in Ordnung versetzten" =
Walter wanted it, and ordered to fix up the house

>"Und machte einer was kaputt, musste er den Schaden ersetzten.
Meist musste Walter dies tun, ..."
And if anybody broke something, he had to pay for the repair.
Mostly it was Walter, who had to pay, ..."

>"Then Walter noticed smoke on the corridor," =
Walter had noticed, that there was smoke on the corridor

>"and ran with the extinguisher there into the corridor." =
and rushed with the extinguisher out to the corridor.

>"Doch dort staubten nur die von ihm bestellten Gipser und Kalker
und als sie ihn sahen:"
But the dust he saw was caused by the coopers and house-painters
he had ordered, who worked with gypsum and chalk
And when they saw him:

>"Ja, das Leben verlangte Walter schon 'ne Menge ab" =
Yeah, life was sometimes quite difficult for Walter

>"Denn sein Sarg glitt den Trägern aus den Händen,
auf den Boden knallt' er."
For the coffin slipped out of the hands of the porters
and bumped to the ground.

>"Petrus sieht durch das Guckloch," =
St. Peter looks through the peephole

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