Russian Folk - Mein yiddishe Momme (English translation)


Mein yiddishe Momme

Нет сердца нежнее
Чем сердце матери родной,
Ничто не согреет
Как жар души ее святой
При всякой непогоде
Источник нам тепла
Удары и невзгоды
Мать нам смягчит всегда
В несчастье и горе
Утешит на груди своей
Не жертвы которой
Не принесла б мать для детей
Ничего нет на свете дороже
Сердца матери нашей родной,
Сердцу матери цену знает
Тот кто сам стал сиротой
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source: alikissa

Originally, this was a well known Yiddish song called
"My Yiddisher Momma".
It was translated from Yiddish into Russian, and later modified by the famous Russian performer, poet and composer Alexander Vertinsky, and this recording is obviously one of his songs written in the 1920s.

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English translation

Mine Yiddish Mother

Versions: #1#2
There's no heart more tender
But the one of your dear mother,
Nothing will warm you
Like the heat of her holy soul.
No matter how bad the weather is,
She's the source of warmth for us.
Hits or misfortunes,
Mother will always soften them for us.
Grief or sorrow comes,
She'll comfort you on your chest.
There's no sacrifice
A mother wouldn't make for her children.
There's nothing more precious in the world
But the heart of our dear mother,
The one who's become an orphan
Knows the price of a mother's heart.
© Vladímir Sosnín
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