Käptn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi - Meister und Idiot (English translation)

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Master and idiot

Circle laboratory, ladies and gentlemen
As follows:
There lives a master in me, he saw the light
He can walk on water and through walls
He speaks with cats and with crows
He's almost perfect and can even understand the human being
He on a first-name basis with the five elements,
Can let feelings flow and even read thoughts,
But scretly he's in dialogue
With himself, because in him there lives a complete idiot
Complete idiot, complete idiot, complete idiot,....sound of scratching
The idiot and the master are fighting since their youth
The master wants magic, the idiot wants to drive a paddleboat
To each other they are eternal martyrdom,
Kick chairs around, fight until delirium,
Because none of them understood the other
And both still believe the other is the fool
And so they chase each other furiously through the garden of myself
And play spinning the bottle with pink party hats
Both think they are winning, because each thinks they're smarter
Until one of both falls into the dark cellar
Of my unconscious and disappears there
For years, because he can't find the exit anymore
Stairtext, stairtext, that's kind of a chorus replacement
But after a few years I hear a voice calling
And dare to go to the cellar to the border of the dark steps
And hear: "Please save me, I can't find the stairs"
You're standing on them, relax, you're gonna hurt yourself
Stairs are very complicated, you could get lost
"In which direction am I supposed to go, can you buy maps for stairs?"
Of course, it goes up and down
And those two poles are connected with steps
Which you convey through your nerve tracts to your legs via a step, that you determine ballistically
To lift these vertically against that gravity,
That originally hindered you to float from A to B
"Hey, okay, that means I should bite into the steps?"
Nope, you should climb steps with your legs
"i don't understand," - Man! Follow the straight track
"Are you mocking me?" - No, I'm just taking the piss out of you
Is he
Is he
Is he
Is he mocking me?
So focus, believe me, I love you
Grab the railing, look up and I'll push you
"I am ashamed, I recognize your face
Aren't you that rapper who talks to trees and animals?"
Exactly, I am the C.A.P.T.A.I.N
"I have never seen you before"- Well, then get to know me
I am a human and you are a part of my self
And while you're sitting on the steps, I formulate you
And that way extract my inner movements
Into language metaphors of an invented encounter
"Um, wait a bit, that means you have only invented me?"
Correct. - "As an image for all the unhealed wounds
That are looking for the steps in the dark cellar of your psyche?"
You called me, better stop cursing me
"This behaviour is split!" - I just want to talk,
Because in formulating the problem the solution is already contained
"I don't understand you" - Yes, you do and you know
"I just don't get how you mean that stuff"
It's just a simile. "A simile? Prove it!"
A simile is not to be proved. "But what does it mean?"
Man, it's like a blind man drawing
"That's paradoxical!" - But a simile describes it
"Ah, great, and what is it for?"
It forces the cold heart that beats inside us to laugh
"Wow, like walking on water as Buddha?"
It's the reason why humans sing about dragons
A firewood out of words while we fight with shadows
Like moths we look for the moon while we jump into the torch
"All that doesn't have any connection!"
Yes, it does and now take the railing
Now we follow the steps that are to go
To command all our errors that they're in the way
But suddenly a voice intrudes in our discussion
And claims me and the idiot are its creation
The mental projection of a genius illusion
From the crystal pyramid of a hidden dimension
I say "fresh," it says "you don't have to say thank you
We are all only thoughts of the eternal whole"
"Wow!" It is the garden, we are the plants
And produces the beat to which we all dance
"Damn!" You fell for it all
"Did you make that up?" - No, I came up with it
We are the idea of an idea of an idea,
That thinks until it understands itself
So the question for the truth becomes obsolete,
Because the illusion is the reality
But like the seed that wants to go to the sun because it carries its heritage
It only finds its way to the light when it is buried in the ground before
So we embrace the shadows that benighted us
Until the seeds that grow in our hearts wake up
Until they burst and grow into the sun like every life
Our essences long for the force that they birth
And the origin of their becoming and they will find it
If they connect again with what they were absolved from
Because the truth is a serious clown, it laughs at itself
"Did you come up with that?" - No, I made it up.
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Meister und Idiot

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