Amália Rodrigues - Menina Lisboa (English translation)

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Young Girl Lisbon

Young girl Lisbon
You look, quite frankly,
Very pretty
Your eyes have a cheerful expression
You have a princely air
Wearing that printed cotton dress.
Your voice is so soft;
It rejoices and charms everyone
Whenever you talk loudly
And now I remember
That you can also sing
Young girl Lisbon.
Who placed the Tagus at your feet
With its adorned ships?
Who gave you all those chimneys
That fill your rooftops?
The smoke that rises
In a straight line
And then wavers and flies away
It seems impossible!
You also rise like smoke
Young girl Lisbon.
Young girl Lisbon
You are one of those girls
Who, on moonlit nights,
Seduces the carnations
That lie on the uppermost windows
Looking down on the street below.
And dance the waltz
That goes on and on and never tires
Through the Madragoa quarter
And, now I reckon
That you're also a dancer
Young girl Lisbon
You like, we can all see,
A sorrowful little fado.
You have, I know very well why,
Such a weak spot for fado!
So sad and aggrieved
I have just heard it
And it sounds so well!
This is my way of telling you
That I know that you also weep
Young girl Lisbon.
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Menina Lisboa

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