Carole Samaha - Merci (ميرسي) (English translation)

English translation


How could you
play with my heart
and give me heartache night and day?
All this was just to make me feel jealous
How could you
paint the whole world for me in poems?
So many
I can't take it, they became so many
(Merci, merci)
You taught my eyes how to be jealous
(Merci, merci)
and my heart taught me with how broken it is
(Merci, merci)
To value myself more than this
To walk upon my wounds
And become bigger than love
and the lies of its poems
(Merci, merci)
Say it and relieve yourself
everything that's in your heart, don't hide it
Say it and relieve yourself
Everything between us is gone
Make me free again
I want to soar and fly with wings
And there are no keys to my heart
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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Merci (ميرسي)

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