Мёртвый вечер (Myortvyy vecher) (English translation)

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Мёртвый вечер

Свет на кухне то включаю, то выключаю
Сигареты, крепкий чай, молчание,
Ты же знаешь вслед за радостью идет отчаяние
Мертвый вечер, и я снова на полу,
Столько мыслей проходит через голову
Ты же знаешь здесь молчат лишь про тебя одну.
Я знаю как спастись... (Я знал...)
Я знаю как спастись... (Я знал...)
Лишь когда на деревьях погаснет свет
Ты же знаешь отвечает один за всех,
На твоих глазах так медленно тает снег,
Задуши себя шарфом, лишь бросив взгляд
На того кто обычно привык молчать,
Ты же знаешь уже поздно и нельзя терять.
Я не знаю как спастись... (Я знал...)
Я не знаю как спастись... (Я знал...)
Кривые дома и деревья в анабиозе, кровати января, коррозия шепчет как будто колеса поезда, и мысли сливаются в воедино с ощущением звуков и дымом, будто бы ветер приветствует холодом огни этого грязного города, всему виной эти кривые дома, выбери одно слово из ста, чтобы описать все что сейчас происходит, холодная, от крика, подушка спасает. Кто-то теряет, находит, и только нам это наверное чуждо. Такими порывами веришь, невольно, что чудо, которое невозможно, происходит именно с нами, оно настолько огромное, что уже не спрячешь за кривыми домами и глупой фальшивой улыбкой. Страх заменяя попытками. Ветер обнял твои руки, и снова задохнулась зима, всему виной эти кривые дома.
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Lifeless evening

Versions: #1#2
Flickering lights on the kitchen on and off
Cigarettes, strong tea, silence,
But you know behind the happiness is despair following
Lifeless evening, and I am on the floor again,
So many thoughts going through the head
But you know everyone here stays silent only about you alone.
I know how to save myself... (I knew...)
I know how to save myself... (I knew...)
Only when trees will go dark
You know one speaks for everyone,
On your eyes snow is melting gently,
Strangle yourself with a scarf, just by throwing a glance behind
On someone who is used to stay silent,
But you know its too late and nothing left to lose.
I don't know how to save myself... (I knew...)
I don't know how to save myself... (I knew...)
Distorted trees and building in anabiosis, beds of January, corrosion whispering like trail wheels, and thoughts merging into one with senses of sound and smoke, as wind was greeting coldly these lights of this festering city, curse these distorted houses, pick one word from hundred, to describe everything happening, frozen, from the screaming, pillow comforts me. Someone is losing, someone is receiving, and it's probably just unknown for us. With these urges, a hope appears unwillingly, that impossible miracle, is happening only with us, big so much, that you cannot hide behind the distorted houses and stupid false smile. Fear replacing attempts. Wind holds your hands, and winter choked herself again, these distorted houses to blame.
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Phil AmbroPhil Ambro    Wed, 30/09/2020 - 00:20

(Your translation was OK, but I've made a few changes to make it sound better in English. Use whatever you want.
(Even after translating it, I have to admit, it doesn't make much sense in English. A little more help in the meaning behind this song is needed for it to have some meaning in English.)

In the dead of night.
Lights flicker off and on in the kitchen.
Cigarettes, some strong tea and silence...
But you know after the happiness despair follows.
In the dead of night, I'm lying on the floor again,
So many thoughts going through my head
But you know everyone here won't mention you, alone.

I know how to be safe. (I knew...)
I know how to save myself... (I knew...)

When the sunlight no longer shows through the trees,
you know, one speaks for them all.
The snow melts gently in your eyes,
Strangle yourself with your scarf as you turn to look back
at someone who is used to be silent.
But you know it's too late and there's nothing left to lose.

I don't know how to save myself... (I knew...)
I don't know how to be saved... (I knew...)

Twisted houses and trees stand in suspended animation. Flowerbeds in January. Rusty whispers like the wheels of a train, and thoughts merge into one. The sensation of sound and smoke, as if the wind greets this dirty city's lights with the cold. These tilted houses are to blame. Choose one word from a hundred to describe everything that's happening now.
Cold. Moans. A pillow saves you. Someone loses, what someone finds, and it's only strange to us.
You're driven to believe that an impossible miracle is happening to us. It's so big that you can't hide behind the twisted houses and your stupid fake smile. Replace your fears with trying. Let your arms embrace the wind. and the Winter suffocate itself again. All these twisted houses are to blame.

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