Grup Yorum - Meryem Meryemti (English translation)


Meryem Meryemti

مريم مريمتي
و عيني مريما
مريم مريمتي
و عيني مريما
و القلب مجروح بده مريما
يا عيني بده مريما
مريم عا لسطوح
والشعر عم بيلوح
والقلب مجروح
بده مرهمه
يا دلي بده مرهما
مريم يا دلي
و الشعر بتدلي
و عسكر العثمانلي
اخدوا مرياما
يا عيني
و اخذو مريما
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This song have more version, this is here the version of Grup Yorum (Turkish)

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English translation

Meryem, My Meryem

Meryem, you are my Meryem
And you are my eyes, Meryema1
Meryem, you are my Meryem
And you are my eyes, Meryema
And my heart is hurt, it wants Meryema
Oh my eyes, it wants Meryema
Meryem is up on the roof
And her hair is blowing [in the wind]
And my heart is hurt
It wants its cure
Oh my, it wants its cure
Meryem, oh my
She lets her hair loose
And the Ottoman Troops
Have taken Meryema
Oh my..
They've taken Meryema
  • 1. Meryama is like 'little Meryem' or so. Like a nickname for her name. (If you know German it's like for e.g:
    Kirsten->Kirstenchen or so). It's worth noting that Meryam/Meryem is the Arabic version of Mary/Maria...etc
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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