Cali - Mes vieux cinglés (English translation)

English translation

My old loonies

Leave me the hell alone, my old loonies
Don’t run after me anymore
Don’t try and see me again
Leave me the hell alone
I’m leaving you my old loonies
Stuff your mouths as much as you like
Fight, break everything
That you can
I don’t want to be part of it anymore
My old loonies
You were my parents
And I laid myself down 1
Every night when I came home
From school, in your house
My little room, my prison
But I can’t do it anymore, no
Leave me the hell alone, my old loonies
Burn all the bits of me that still hang about
All the memories, my missed birthdays
When you were still fighting
Burn it all, me I’ve already done it
When your insults flew like stones
About the house, my old loonies
I’ve had a belly full of stomachache
When you used to yell, when you used to yell
I prayed so much to wake up in a different bed
Why do people yell and hurt each other?
A child shouldn’t have to ask himself
Those questions
Him: “She’s mad”
Her: “He’s going to kill me”
Burn everything, my old loonies
Me, I’ve already done it
A child needs a soft light
Near to its bed
And on the edge of sleep, a story
That ends in love
That ends in love
  • 1. Can also be interpreted as "I gave in"
Submitted by Gavin on Fri, 27/01/2017 - 09:27
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Mes vieux cinglés

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petit élève    Wed, 19/07/2017 - 15:48

je me suis allongé -> could also be understood as "throw in the towel"

Gavin    Wed, 19/07/2017 - 16:16

Ah, interesting in light of the battling parents.

Threw in the towel as in he gave in, or as in he tried to stop their fight?

petit élève    Wed, 19/07/2017 - 20:07

The French can only mean "give in". I suppose the double meaning is intentional.

Also "vieux" can mean "parents", like "old man" for father, but I don't think there is an English equivalent for both parents.

Gavin    Wed, 19/07/2017 - 21:54

Well, laid myself down sounds a bit defeated but doesn't quite cover both senses. Might be as close as I'm going to get though.
Yeah I'm not entirely happy with "old loonies", it was a bit of a compromise but not very satisfactory one. We can say "folks" for parents but it doesn't really work here. "Crazy folks", no good. Hmm...
Could just say "crazy old parents" I guess.