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Metal Invasion (English translation)

  • Artist: Freedom Call
  • Song: Metal Invasion Album: Eternity (2002)
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Metal Invasion

O Spirit, o Saint
We adore You, God
God, we praise You
In memory, for glory
Warriors immortal knights
We walk our way alone
Eternally we're born to write
The sign of victory
Warriors, immortal knights
So far away from home
Eternally, we're born to fight
Forever riding free
And the day has come
Time to die
Somewhere far beyond
On the stairway to the sky
On the rainbow soaring high
We are born from the sun
In our hands we hold the future
As we live so we will die
Carry on to save mankind
Back to back we stand as one
Until the last crusade is done
We're leaving from the night
Call for vengeance, raise your steel
We are the knights on our glory ride
Law defenders, raise your swords
Freedom for us all
Hail to the gods of creation
Hail to the king of the world
A hail to the metal invasion
A heavenly kingdom on earth
Godless odysee, endless agony
We're heading for eternal lif
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English, Latin
English, Latin
English, Latin

Metal Invasion

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