Metalwings - Fallen Angel in the Hell


Fallen Angel in the Hell

[Verse 1: ]
There is always beauty when you feel someone’s heart
in the frozen steps of someone’s life
Break the surface of the mantle’s dark
Blind for your soul full of blood.
There is always beauty when you leave someone’s heart
Burned eyes from the flash of ashes
Fatal clash without way out
Sad but beautiful
and so much passion.
[Chorus: ]
Hopeless eyes and a broken arrow in the heart of life where you burned my eyes
Undefended hearts and so much tears
We are runners over Blade of Love
Cover our hearts with the scars of pain
Losing ourselves in the nameless shade
We are prisoners in the hands of Fate
You’re my Fallen Angel in the Hell
[Verse 2: ]
There is always passion when you lose someone’s love
You don’t have to say goodbye
We’ll pray for you
Sad but beautiful
The beauty of your escape
Your evil heart killed my sight for light
In the silence of unspoken tears
Wasted lifeblood in the name of nothing
Stealing our last breath
[Chorus: x3]
[Verse 3: ]
Sad but beautiful
and so much passion
You’re my fallen Angel in the Hell...
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Fary    Thu, 07/12/2017 - 16:02

Shouldn't it be "Losing ourselves in the nameless shade" and not "loosing"?