Yes! PreCure 5 (OST) - Metamorphose ~Seishun Otome LOVE & DREAM~ (メタモルフォーゼ~青春乙女LOVE&DREAM~) (English translation)


Metamorphose ~Seishun Otome LOVE & DREAM~ (メタモルフォーゼ~青春乙女LOVE&DREAM~)

希望の力と 未来の光
華麗に羽ばたく5つの心 Yes!プリキュア5!
元気いっぱい 好奇心旺盛
失敗ばっかりしてるけど でも
絶対 約束守り抜くよ!
「夢みる乙女の底力 受けてみなさい
負けず嫌い スポーツ万能\
ボーイッシュな人気者 でも
ちょっぴり恐がり 悩み多き年頃
「純情乙女の炎の力 受けてみなさい
女優めざし勉強中 でも
「輝く乙女の弾ける力 受けてみなさい
みんなで一緒に 夢をめざそう
苦しくても 立ち向かえGo!Go!
希望の力と 未来の光
華麗に羽ばたく5つの心 Yes!プリキュア5!
読書大好き 小説家目指す
おっとりしてる安らぎ系 でも
「大地を揺るがす乙女の怒り 受けてみなさい
生徒会長 責任重大
一度決めたら最後まで でも
心が寂しく 切なくなる日もある
青空 見上げて笑顔でFight!
「岩をも砕く乙女の激流 受けてみなさい
ピンキー集めて 取り戻したい
ココとナッツの 大事な故郷
希望の力と 未来の光
華麗に羽ばたく5つの心 Yes!プリキュア5!
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English translation

Metamorphose ~LOVE & DREAM of Young Girls~

Power of hope and light of future,
The five hearts flying gracefully; Yes! Precure 5!
(The power of great hope, Cure Dream!)
I'm always in high spirits, always so curious
Though making nothing but mistakes... but
No matter what, I'll keep my promise
For pink belief in power of hope!
(Please accept the hidden power of a dreaming girl)
(Precure dream attack!)
Just watch me~
(The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!)
I never give up, I'm good at many sports
A kind of a boyish, popular girl, though
I'm also a bit frightened, troubled teenager
But, I'll crush the darkness with my red passion!
(Please accept the blazing power of a pure-hearted girl)
(Precure Rouge Fire!)
Just watch me~
(The bursting scent of lemon, Cure Lemonade!)
I have a gleamy, cute charm
Even when studying, I strive to be an actress, though
From time to time, hard days come along, making me want to cry
But I blow them away with my lemon smile!
(Please accept the bursting power of a sparkling girl)
(Precure Lemonade Flash!)
Just watch me~
We'll pursue our dreams together
Even if it's difficult, we'll stand up; Go! Go!
Power of hope and light of future,
The five hearts flying gracefully; Yes! Precure 5!
(The green earth of peace, Cure Mint!)
I love reading, I'm striving to be a novelist
I'm a gentle, peaceful person, but
In order to realize my green desire,
I won't turn over my love for harmony!
(Please accept a girl's earth-quaking anger)
(Precure Mint Protection!)
Just watch me~
(The blue spring of intellect, Cure Aqua!)
I'm a student's club president, I have important duties
Once I decide on something, I never give up on it, though
There are painful days when I feel so lonely,
But I look upon the blue sky and fight it with my smile!
(Please accept the girl's rock-crushing raging stream)
(Precure Aqua Stream!)
Just watch me~
We want to collect all pinkies
And regain Coco's and Nuts's precious home
Power of hope and light of future,
The five hearts flying gracefully; Yes! Precure 5!
Just watch us~
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