Alcione - Meu ébano (English translation)

English translation

My ebony

You're an ebony man
To drop anyone's jaw
I can't go soft on you
If not, you'll catch me,
You'll take over me with no sweat [2] and that's it
You'll capture my heart ...
You are an ebony
With honeyed lips
A black prince
Painted by brush
You are all melanin
With a smell of passion
Is it just that
I fell in your trap?
I don't know yet!
Not sure,
But I suspect
I've already given in
To the temptation of your (skin) color
I catch myself
Longing to see you all the time
Looking at the stars
Thinking about you
Dude [3], I'm affraid that
This might be love...
You naughty child
Taste of sin
Bad boy
I'm so moved
I confess
I almost lose my voice
With the way
You court me
Like a mestre-sala
My black man,
Wise scoundrel
Is it just by instinct?
But every time I see you,
I paint my lips,
Touch up the lipstick
The sensuality
Of our race is a gift
It's you, my ebony
It's all the best
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Author's comments:

[1] "créu" is an onomatopoeia for eating, when you bite up something in one row, especially if you're a wild or some threatening creature. In this sense, it also expresses the act of being caught by a beast or similar being. Sometimes, this has some nasty connotation, since the verb "comer" is vulgarly used to mean "to get someone laid, to have sex with someone".

[2] "Na manha" means easily, like an expert, sometimes by dirty ways.

[3] "Negão" translates as "big black man", but here the word has a high informal usage.


Meu ébano

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