Rita Montaner - Mexico de mi encanto (English translation)


Mexico de mi encanto

Mexico lindo, tú eres mi encanto
Me gustas tanto que yo no sé
Si he de quedarme o debo marcharme
Pero por siempre vacilaré
Porque me gusta mucho el "tantito"
El "luego luego" y el "mande usted"
Y si te paseas por Chapultepec
Un chamaco lindo no le falta a usted
El mexicano tiene una gracia
Una sonrisa que yo no sé
Y a las cubanas las vuelve locas
Y si lo duda, fíjese usted
Si a mí por suerte me toca uno:
¡Mexico lindo, me quedaré!
Ay, si no me botan, si no me corren
Porque me gusta mucho el "tantito"
Mexico lindo, me quedaré
¡Mexico lindo, me quedaré!
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Submitter's comments:

El ritmo de esta canción es mambo

Editor's comment:
Mambo, cha cha cha, vacilón,. ritmos cubanos relacionados, descendientes del danzón..

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English translation

Mexico of my delight

Beautiful Mexico, you are my delight,
I like you so much that I don't know
whether I should stay or I should go,
but, forever, I will vacilate 1.
because I like so much the "tantito"
the "luego luego" and the 'mande usted". 2.
And if you stroll along Chapultepec 3.
a good looking guy you always will have.
The Mexican guys have a certain charm,
a smile that ... I don't know...
And the Cuban girls go crazy about that.
And if you doubt it, let me tell you,
if I am lucky enough to get one,
beautiful Mexico, I will stay!
Oh! if they don't kick me or throw me out,
because I like 'el tantito' so much.
beautiful Mexico, I will stay.
Beautiful Mexico, I will stay.!
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Author's comments:

1. "vacilate" double meaning: to vacillate / dance the 'vacilon".
2. Common Mexican expressions:
"tantito" --> "a little/a little while" .
"luego, luego" --> "right away"
"mande usted" --> "as you say"
(there are slight variations).
3. Chapultepec --> Famous park in Mexico City, more commonly called the "Bosque de Chapultepec" (Chapultepec Forest).

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Valeriu Raut    Wed, 12/07/2017 - 04:59

For Rosa it was an easy translation, isn't it?
Rita Montaner was a celebrity, but the years go with the wind.
I am surprised to see I am the first one to introduce Rita on LT.

roster 31    Wed, 12/07/2017 - 12:07

Not that easy but, in spite of that, if you think it deserves the stars, I'll take them. (Seems that the shiny days are over).

I didn't know Rita Montaner. Good think you introduced her.

Enjoy the day!

roster 31    Wed, 12/07/2017 - 20:29

Really? No idea, when Spain was so attached to Cuba, and my aunt María always brought us records of their music...!

Además, dice su biografía qie era famosa cantando, nada menos que, "El manisero" y "Siboney".! (???)