Model - Mey (English translation)

English translation


How hard is it to look at your pretty face.
It gathered the whole sun on it, again.
my eyes are dazzling baby.
What kind of smiling is that for god's sake?
the paradise is your lips, kiss me and I shall die
they say it's name is love but how could I know
what kind of cruelty is this for god's sake?
I swear I can't tell my name even if you ask
Ah my hands are shaking
Of I'm getting a Fever,
missing you doesn't go away with this touch
Ah -Fill it my love- love me so much...
-my naughty lover-
so I can drink it as wine
-fill it my love-
My hearth is skipping, ah come here I feel sick
Submitted by subbrine on Mon, 20/06/2016 - 20:38