Paloma San Basilio - Mi pasión (We Belong) (English translation)

English translation

My passion

How many nights I wake up devastated with you
And that calmness of your body reminds me that I fell.
I, who swore with blood to be strong and not giving in
And not giving myself fully until the day you're true to me.
My passion is the light, my passion is the thunder,
My passion is to ley myself be kissed until the last kiss.
I get lost when I feel in my skin your violent gallop.
My passion, my passion scares me.
Everyone think that I'm strong because I stand the storm,
Because I struggle in the flow when all goes wrong,
But nobody knows that here is a heart
Which is my Achilles heel, a coward before passion.
Even if I close my door, my passion opens it for me,
Even if I live for my self, my passion lives of you.
A single look of yours, two suns at the same time,
That I don't want to see but my passion wants to see
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Mi pasión (We Belong)

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