Cure iz centra - Mi smo C.I.Ce (English translation)

Croatian (Kajkavian dialect)

Mi smo C.I.Ce

Mi smo CICe s Koprivnice
Vesele kak grličice
Bećarimo i ljubimo x2
Bolje smo neg' staro vino x2
Svi se čude kaj smo žene
V tamburice zaljubljene
Dok nas vide dečki ziju x2
Mam za nami ponoriju x2
Pitala me majka stara
Gda se buš ti kćeri vdala
Vdala se bum dok mi dojde x2
Dok na vrbi rodi grozdje x2
Mi smo CICe s Koprivnice
Vesele smo noćne ftice
Danju, noću ludujemo x2
Bez tamubura mi ne mremo x2
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Submitter's comments:

Koprivnica is town from where is the band C.I.Ce
ftice = ptice
ziju = zijaju
ne mremo = ne možemo
Girls are good band. Lots of funny songs. Cure iz centra means Girs from middtown
Barsiscev mostly write the song lyrics I have done some correction.

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English translation

We Are C.I.Cs

We are C.I.C.s from Koprivnica-village
Merrily like lovebirds
Carousing and kissing (2x)
We are much better than old wine.
People wonder how we can be
In love with tambours.
When they see us, boys are staring (2x)
They are all crazy about us. (2x)
The old mother asked me,
When I will get married
I will marry when I want to, (2x)
When willow bears the grapes. (2x)
We are C.I.C.s from Koprivnica-village
We are merrily night birds
Carousing days and nights (2x)
Can’t stand without our tambours.
Submitted by leloo on Wed, 28/02/2018 - 08:15
Added in reply to request by barsiscev
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