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Sel päeval peale liiga pikka suitsu
sa näed, et pole mingit kohustust.
See kõik, mis oli, polnud saanud sinust võitu
ja suutnud tappa sinus igatsust.
Sel päeval peale liiga pikka suitsu
sa näed, et kõik on jälle lihtsalt hea.
Kes tahab, iseenda eest end peitku,
et jõuda välja, olla seesama, kes täpselt teab.
Ükskõik kus, peaasi kuulda ja olla.
On asi hinnas, muu on valmis pakitud.
Kuid miks siis tunnete nii inimlikku nälga,
kui järjekordselt veel üks unistus sai ostetud?
Ning ikka rohkem, ikka võimalikult palju,
veel kaugemale, leidmata sealt otsitu(t/d)
Ning kaotusvalu, niivõrd kahju, niivõrd kahju
veel rohkem päevadest, kus oleks võinud olla enamat.
Mis sellest, mida räägin, mida mõtlen!
Kes poleks tundud endas kordki põlemist?
See ongi see, mis ikka veel su pärast võitleb,
et võimalikult kauem kaugel hoida keskpärasust.
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Proceed with caution because the author didn't have an happy end.

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English translation

At Midday

On that day after smoking for too long,
you see that there is no responsibility whatsoever.
All, that had been, hadn't defeated you
and been able to kill the yearning inside of you.
On that day after smoking for too long,
you see that all is again simply good.
Who wants to can hide from oneself
to reach it, to be the very one who knows exactly.
It doesn't matter where - to belong and to be is the most important.
Is the thing valued? - All else has already been packed.
But why do you feel such a human-like hunger
when again another dream has been bought?
And even more, as much as possible,
even further, without finding there what's been looked for.
And the pain of loss1, what a shame, what a shame!
The days where there could have been more [are a bigger shame].
Never mind what I speak (about), what I think!
Who hasn't ever felt the burning inside!
That is what is still fighting for you
to keep mediocrity afar as long as possible.
  • 1. um, my dictionary says just 'loss' or 'brokenheartedness'
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