Mihi aqua haeret

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Meanings of "Mihi aqua haeret"


Ponekad kada sumnjamo ili ne znamo što učiniti, čini se da sve prestaje. Pogodio si metaforički zid od cigle ne znajući kamo dalje. Ponekad se stvarno fizički zaustaviš. Na engleskom se može reći da si na mjestu ili možda na gubitku. Rimljani bi umjesto toga rekli da im je voda stala.

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Sometimes when we are having doubts, or do not know what to do, it feels like everything stops. You hit a metaphorical brick wall, not knowing where to go next. At times, you really physically stop. In English you could say that you are at a stand or perhaps at a loss. The Romans would instead say that the water stopped for them.
Cicero used this expression as he wrote to his brother Quintus in May 56 B.C. He told Quintus that he did not attend the senate during a certain day as Campania (a region in southern Italy, surrounding Naples) was supposed to be discussed and: “in hac causa mihi aqua haeret ” - i.e. “In this question the water stops for me.” (or: "In this question, I am at a stand.")

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Explained by Maryanchy