Ignacio Copani - Milonga para quedarse (English translation)

English translation

Milonga to stay

There are people who would leave today,
because they really believed
that they would have much money
there at the United States.
But there are others who go for broke
and don't take any dream as lost...
and never ever reject
the places where they grew.
Without gas, nor water, nor light,
I'm staying in Lanus.
There won't be many roads,
many well drawn lanes,
nor many foreign cars,
nor enlightened bridges.
Nor tunnels under water,
nor surveillance on the platform...
But the train that sometimes passes
leaves me close to home.
In the middle of the road (I stay)
in Ramos Mejía.
They say that in Europe
there's so many elegant people,
with a good brand of clothes,
the fashion always ahead.
But I don't see the grace
of the girls I find here,
the grace, not of the brand,
but of what one takes within...
With the same pants (of always)
I stay in Moron.
They offered my brother
a very prized porition
working as a waiter
on the golden caribbean.
But he who was the flag bearer
and graduated of the university,
prefers to be a lawyer
in his city even for free.
My brother also stays
in Avellaneda.
There are mystics who suspect
that God attends in the Vatican
and if you go over there
surely he will give a helping hand...
The hand comes heavy
and if god wen't down, he'd hang
the miraculous medal
to who earns four bucks a day
With my endless hope (I stay)
in San Martin.
Or else, I stay in Varela,
Vicente Lopez or Ituzaingó
or in my schoolyard
of Ciudadela that taught me...
That coming from the belts
that circle the capital
squeeze well the balls
to endure that it's all bad.
For wine and a choripan1
On the way to Luján.
I start with Liniers...
On a bounce to Moreno, passing by Merlo
and the plate station of Paso del Rey...
Long live Temperley and the Buenos Aires people
who endure and grow within the law
like in Laferrer, Alsina and Catán
and all the neighbourhood that now are not
in this song but they're present
in all the fronts of my heart...
And if I achieve success... I'm moving to Pilar...
  • 1. A sausage on two loaves of bread
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Milonga para quedarse

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