Anggun - Mimpi (English translation)

  • Artist: Anggun (Anggun Cipta Sasmi)
  • Album: Mimpi
  • Song: Mimpi
English translation


Inside the darkness of the night
I stand against lonesome
Here, in this beach
Lied a million memories
Slammed hard by the waves
And buried by coral reefs
That won't ever happen again
White, pale face
A wound scratched in my heart
Your eyes open up the
love story of stained roamnce
Erase all fantasies
Vanish a hope
Where else should I looking for it?
You rest your self-burden for a while
You sprinkle the seed of love
Just an emotion
Bouncing away, flying high
with dreams
Fell asleep in the sea of emotion
After I've been awake
You'd go far away
Leave me with endless dreams
Now it's only nostalgia
Stabbing my chest
An oath seems to fly away
Taken by burning flow of love
(Chorus, twice)
Submitted by seiginomikata on Tue, 28/03/2017 - 03:24
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Author's comments:

I guess the phrase "pusat pasi" is a typo; there's no such phrase in Indonesian, the existing one is "pucat pasi", means "pale"

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