Mindanao (English translation)

  • Artist: Freddie Aguilar (Ferdinand Pascual Aguilar)
  • Song: Mindanao
  • Translations: English


Mula nang magka-isip ay nagisnan ko ang problema
Hanggang sa kasalukuyan, akin pang nakikita
Tuloy pa rin ang digmaan
Kalat na ang kaguluhan sa Mindanao
Mindanao, Mindanao
Mga mamamayan doon ay takot ang nadarama
Hindi malaman kung ano ang gagawin sa tuwi-tuwina
Mga taong walang malay
Madalas na nadadamay sa Mindanao
Mindanao, Mindanao
Pinoy kapwa Pinoy ang naglalaban doon sa Mindanao
Marami ng dugo ang dumanak sa lupa ng Mindanao
Mindanao, Mindanao
Hindi na ba maaawat, hindi na ba matatapos
Ang solusyon ba'y digmaan sa lupang pangako
Hindi na ba masasagip ang mga kapatid natin sa Mindanao
Hindi na ba masasagip ang mga kapatid natin sa Mindanao
Mindanao, Mindanao
Mindanao, Mindanao
(repeat to fade)
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When I was young I was aware of the problem
Even now in the present, I can still see
War is still going on
Trouble is everywhere in Mindanao
Mindanao, Mindanao
The citizens there are always in fear
They don't know what to do everytime
People who are innocent
Are the ones affected in Mindanao
Mindanao, Mindanao
Filipino against Filipino fighting there in Mindanao
Lots of blood are shed in the lands of Mindanao
Mindanao, Mindanao
Can't it be stopped, can't it end
Is the solution a war in the promised land
Can't we rescue our brothers and sisters in Mindanao
Can't we rescue our brothers and sisters in Mindanao
Mindanao, Mindanao
Mindanao, Mindanao
(ulitin hanggang maglaho)
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Author's comments:

Mindanao is the big island in the Philippines and predominantly Muslim. This song was probably in the 70's or early 80's. Muslim insurgents back then want to abdicate from the Republic and be their own state. Thus the resulting conflict then. This song is still current because it has become a haven for terrorists and violent conflict is still happening to this day.

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