Mindless Faith - No Saints Allowed

  • Artist: Mindless Faith
  • Album: Just Defy
  • Translations: French

No Saints Allowed

No saints allowed in the peep show
No saints allowed in the neon glow
No saint but me
Her halo appears when the light shines through
When you look into the peep show
It looks into you
But not me
All the things I would do for her
On her... to her stuff
All the things she'd cry out to me
On me... about her stuff
This place is depressing
Last New Years the poor girl just cried all night long
Life's hard all round I’m guessing
Whether buried alive or pulling cash from a thong
Nadine gives a wink
Grinding up and down on a poll
My heart starts to sink
I spent my last dollar an hour ago
No saints allowed to burn a bridge like me
No saints allowed to breathe in her heat
No saints but me
You call it "a stain"
I call it "another satisfied customer"
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