Tsai Chin - 明月千里寄相思 (English translation)

English translation

Bright Moon, Please send my Lovesickness Through Thousand Miles

The color of night is vast and obsure, covers all around
At the horizon the new moon is like a hook
The recollection of the past is illusory like a dream
Where to seek to reinvent the dreamland?
Thousand miles of remote roads separate me and the person whom I miss
I never greeted him, my heart is sad
Bright moon, please greet him on behalf of me
Tears always flow from someone who misses him
The moonlight is dim and the night hasn't over yet
Around is lonely and quiet
The light of the cold lamp on my table is dim
Accompanies me sitting alone in loniless and bitterness
He who lives across thousand miles has no news
I wish to greet him, but eventually I've no way
Bright moon, please pass the letter on behalf of me
Send my piece of note for my grief of separation.
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