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Memories of the April Sky

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Open your tired eyes and let it out
This has grown in me
Oh, so long now
Rainclouds used to chase me
And now I chase the morning along avenues
You were drunk and I was drunk
In the April sun
You are the kind of girl I like
Because you are empty and I am empty
And she said
Really you are not in love with me
And really
It is ok with me
Because I never fall in love with anyone
These things are a waste of time
But then we are wasting away our lives
I always think of you in April
Give me a kiss before you go
To build a dream on
A kiss before you go
A kiss to build a dream on
Really you don't love me
And really
it is ok with me
Because I love no one at all
These things are a waste of time
I was no one
You were the April sky
How I remember it
And how I remember you
And I hope that you can see me now
And I hope that you...
Hear me now
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Minnen av aprilhimlen

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