Che Sudaka - Mirando el Mundo (English translation)

English translation

Looking at the world

Dreams of hope
Dreams of unity
Dreams of childhood
Sunrises of weeping
Sunrises of horror
Sunrises of terror
Sunrises without sun
Looking at the world upside down
Look look look look looking
Dreams of inocence
Dreams of truth
Dreams of the earth
Dreams of equality
Sunrises of war
Sunrises of pain
Sunrises of death
Sunrises of today
Looking at the world upside down
Look look look look looking
How's it looking how's it looking
Looking upside down I arrived
Laughter and crying searching I missed
Going up and down
Going up and inside
I can't find the words
I observe thinking
Looking at the future that takes form walking
Slowly I move about stepping in every step
Rising up, describing
Firmly stepping and I look upside down
And how does it look
Dreaming costs nothing
Sunrises kill
Sunrises of war
Sunrises of pain and death
Dreams of hope of moving on/forwards
Dreams of childhood of living
How is it looking how is it looking
That I don't know that I don't know
Looking at the world upside down
Does not cost a thing
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Author's comments:

"Mirando all munedo al revés" can also be translated as "Looking at the world backwards" but "upside down" seems somehow more occurate.


Mirando el Mundo

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melbz01    Tue, 12/03/2013 - 21:04

Thank you for your rapid response to my lyrics request. Much appreciated!

roster 31    Wed, 13/03/2013 - 14:56

"Amaneceres", " what the new day brings you". This case, has a general connotation and can be applyed to any moment of his life.