Mirsal (مرسال) (English translation)

  • Artist: Autostrad (اوتوستراد)
  • Song: Mirsal (مرسال) 3 translations
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Letter after letter
And (my) situation is difficult, if you knew
And longing for you is killing me
By the number of the sands*, it is burning me
If it takes long, no matter how long
I will keep on waiting on that promise you made
Send me (something), even if it's just some news
To reassure me**
Oh tell me, my moon, do you still remember me?
Does the heart still stir*** whenever you hear my name?
Days after days
I don't know what is giving me patience
The light emerges^ through the night
And I am still awake, and hopeful
That you come back to me, oh my moon
I am still waiting on the promise you made
And I tell you, and you tell me^^
And you know
If for one day, one month
I can't stand it
And you, your absence has been going on for a lifetime
And I don't like it
Submitted by Ahmet133Ahmet133 on Mon, 18/02/2019 - 20:11
Author's comments:

* grains of sands
** as in reassure of one's wellebing, kind of like telling someone you're okay
*** literally: shiver
^ a better (albeit longer) translation would be: the sun opens its way by ripping through the night
^^ i.e. we share a conversation

Mirsal (مرسال)

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