Miserere Luminis - The Mist


The Mist

There is nothing but mist in my lungs
And tar in my veins
I'm out of this world
Something went wrong
Something went just bad
Here is the void of misery
The sun has been swallowed by some cosmic grief
Infinite conscience spitting blackness over and beyond
And I'm wondering...
Do the worms feel the absence of light?
Here I am, sick, unpleased by it all
I am the wound of my being
Since I am the knife and the rope
Of this rape relation between me and me
I need to get below everything
I must know, smell the essence
I want to throw myself through this window in the sky
To remember what I may have forgotten
What if the stars melts
Into our blackholed hearts
If the ground fades on us
We will never know
I want to spit in the eye of god
And see the world without eyelids
I wish he sees me as the failure
Of his dream of greatness and beauty
Submitted by crimson_antics on Mon, 13/03/2017 - 11:50


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