Mission (English translation)

English translation


[Peter Sommer]:
The truth makes me blind
To what others see
But we'll keep going on and on
Never what it will be
The game of nuances
Drawing a line
Between what we understand
What we said yesterday
Did you notice the smoke
Which created a veil
Over another lie
Which everyone wants to hear?
The truth makes me blind
To what others see
But we'll keep going on and on
We know what we'll be
A new therapist
On an old mission
No one's fault
And you don't know anyone
I shove my finger in
And it hurts the most
The strongest guard
With the weakest point
The truth makes me blind
I listened to your heard and it said hello
And you want to put me into the corner if I made a plan
As long as I can escape your surface, pretty words
We go out into the city,1 but that's never where one's soul lives
I need less parasite, more parasol
You slam the door, call, and tell me you're cold
You let me wait for thirteen weeks like a nuchal translucency
Tossed a ball in my face, saying, "It's just a ball"
People yelled, when you made doubts if they were right
Been sleeping for half a day, now she's still as tired
On the run from the dead, but that's exactly what we get
She eyed me, saying, "You look like someone who peaked yesterday"
And I'm just thinking, "Are you horny or am I mistaken?"
It's not that I'm sick, I'm just pale
Hard work all day until I'm tired and proficient
If we keep on going like this, we'll never be happy
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